Thank you for sharing your interests with us. We have developed this indigenous cultural arts collaborative program highlighting our Caribbean ancestral heritage to promote the appreciation of the richness which is part of the fabric our homelands and its subsequent migration throughout the Diaspora.

We have developed workshops, presentations, exhibitions, and dances through the study of our indigenous history and community structure that we share as a people. The supplementary and alternative educational arts programming is facinating and motivational.

We incorporate the essence of our spiritual elements by sharing our expressive arts in ceramic, wood, stone, shells, textile and metal mediums complimented by fauna, foliage and animal accessories such as seeds, palm leaves and parrot bird feathers.

Our ability to inspire interest, involvement and ideas as a collective through our traditional cultural values of love, sharing and education is growing. Our success' are determined by the number of participants we meet. Your support allows us to continue our programs by satisfying the great demand for outreach that requires your assistance.

Please show us your support.

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Thank you.

      Roger Atihuibancex and Russell Means at UCTP Areito in 1999

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