Roger Atihuibancex exhibiting
Taino Gauitiao (friendship belt)


Roger Atihuibancex (Atte'-wee-bahn-ce'ash) has been busy featuring taino arts and crafts since returning as a Diaster Relief Specialist drawn to Boriken (Puerto Rico) during Hurricane Hugo. Visiting sacred ceremonial sites and plazas (bateys) throughout the Caribbean, Atihuiabancex has been exposed to many cultural elements of his aboriginal ancestral heritage. Sharing his contacts with neighboring tainos has created a widespread interests in the indigenous activities occuring before the 15th century arrival of Christopher Columbus.

Specializing in the aboriginal indigenous material found in idols, cemis, stone implements, clay and wooden handiwork, with ornaments made of shells, and native seeds used in decorative Taino liturgy art and textile material culture fabrications. Atihuiabancex has been active in the growing restorative efforts of the Taino - Island Arawak expressive cultural arts. Atihuibancex has been featured in most of the regional native Amerindian Areitos and Pow Wows and has been a featured artisan member of "The American Museum of Natural History- NYC". Atihuibancex' handiwork can be found at the Museo del Barrio (NYC) gift shop, Cederetra Center for Economic Development at "Cemi" located in Coabey - Jayuya, Tibes cerwemonial Center (Ponce, PR), and La Selva Surf Shop (Luquillo, PR). Atihuibancex also writes and co-edits for the United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP) newsletter - "La Voz del Pueblo Taino"

Participating as a growing member of celebrated tainos; ceremonial dance rituals have also been included into Atihuibancex' interpretive taino arts presentations.

Roger Atihuibancex with Mountain Wind Taino Crafts
booth at 1996 Pow Wow

Celebrating the Y2K (21st century) Taino census, and the United Confederation of
Taino People's Census 2000 Native American Tribal Partnership Circle,
Roger Atihuibancex has been appointed Committee Chairman for this endeavor.

Kindly review the UCTP Taino Census Registration format at:

Artwork by
Maria "Tanama" Figueroa

Maria Figueroa

UCTP Liaison Officer - State of Virginia

Temporary Taino Tattoos:

The Island Arawaks and Taino people used many ceremonial designs found throughout the Caribbean. The Tainos carved symbols representing aspects of indigenous culture and spirituality onto the walls of caves and onto stones today found as petroglyphs and pictographs. These symbols were also used in the front of headdresses over the forehead, and attached to stone necklaces. Our Temporary Taino Tattoos are safely and painlessly transferable to the outer skin as an ancestral indigenous tattoo. These non toxic (FDA approved) temporary tattoos are outstanding because they are completely waterproofed and realistic. They go on easy with alcohol and are easily removed with soap or oil. Contact us immediately for your introductory Taino Tattoo design kit (8 tattoos)for only $15.00

Taino Children in Boriken
with temporary tattoo designs.

Ceremonial Petroglyphs

Taino Petrogylphic Essay

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