Guaili (Taino youngsters)

Guaili (Taino youngsters)
preparing casabe (yuca) bread

Educational Workshops

Our workshop educational collaborative projects have been introduced to offer our interested communities the opportunity to learn more about the heritage, culture and identity of Caribbean indigenous peoples. We help to create a subtle educational environment that teaches and fosters an element of respect that is attached to our indigenous values, lifestyle and our spiritual thinking. It is healing and informative. It is food for the mind, and the heart.

Our membership writes and speaks in many voices. We offer our collection of newsletter booklets, pamphlets, and recycled books to interested parties. We also make videos available for viewing along with excellent slide shows. Our collaborative outreach attracts many other Native American and other indigenous participants to our circle. Come join us today.

Our projects are sanctioned by the United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP) and its guiding principals of consensus.

March 27th 1998

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